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Mannequin.Bindings Namespace

Bindings to game concepts from Lua.
Public classAgent
Base class for Agents, including Clutter and Living agents
Public classAgentDeathInformation
Death certificates for Agents
Public classAI

Control Living AI from Lua. Note: this is currently broken.

AIs within the Anarkis Gaming engine are finite state machines.

Every game update call, OnCycleStart is called if functions are bound to it to determine whether the Action set for the Living's current AIState, if any, should be called. In the game, Actions are generally interrupted by needs (e.g. combat).

If the result of OnCycleStart is false (i.e. not interrupted), the Action is called that reflects the AI's current state (see AddAction(AIState, Closure)).

Then, the Transition function for the current AIState, if any, is called (see AddTransition(AIState, Closure)). This is where you should check the environment and the result of the Action to determine whether you should switch states.

Finally, OnCycleEnd is called, if any functions are bound to it.

Public classArmor
Equippable armor.
Public classAsyncOperation
Represents an in-progress, cancellable operation.
Public classBullet
Spawned by Weapons.
Public classClutter
Non-moving objects (i.e. walls, tables...). See data/clutter for a full list.
Public classColor
Represents a color in (R, G, B, A) format.
Public classColors
Commonly-used colors.
Public classContent
An interface to game content.
Public classEquippable
Equippable items. Cannot be instantiated directly.
Public classEvent
Bind closures to in-game events.
Public classEventListener
Manage bound event callbacks from Lua.
Public classExpedition
Class for interfacing with Expeditions
Public classExpeditionEvent
Class for handling Expedition Events
Public classFaction
Contains agents and determines relationships.
Public classGame
Adjust game-related settings.
Public classHTTP
Make HTTP requests. You must whitelist any hosts you plan to contact in mods/http-whitelist.txt.
Public classInventory
Public classInventoryItem
Represents an item in an inventory.
Public classIO
Save and load data.
Public classItem
Represents in-game items.
Public classJob
Public classLiving
Living, moving agents (i.e. survivors, bandits, zombies, trade jeeps...)
Public classMannequin
Base bindings for mods from Lua
Public classPendingTimer
Timer representations.
Public classPoint
A location.
Public classRectangle
Represents an area on a coordinate plane.
Public classScene
Create and manipulate Scenes.
Public classSceneOptions
Specify options for Scene generation.
Public classCode exampleSong
A song that can be added to a Theme.
Public classCode exampleSound
A queueable sound.
Public classSteamworks
Steamworks functions.
Public classSteamworksPersona
Persona information for a player.
Public classTech
Technology tree items
Public classCode exampleTexture
Drawable textures
Public classTextureDrawController
Public classCode exampleTheme
A collection of ambient sounds and/or music to play.
Public classTile
A floor tile in a Scene.
Public classTimer
An interface for creating Timers.
Public classTrait
Traits that Livings can have
Public classUI
Create and manipulate UI elements.
Public classUIButton
Binding to UI buttons
Public classUIPanel
A handle to an open UI panel.
Public classWeapon
Equippable, drawable Item.
Public classZone
In-game zones.
Public interfaceKillable
Public enumerationAgentNeed
Public enumerationAIState
AI states
Public enumerationAnimationType
Public enumerationDeathReason
Public enumerationEquipSlot
Public enumerationEvents
Events the game can fire. Only used for documentation purposes.
Public enumerationExpeditionEventEffect
Possible effects of going on an ExpeditionEvent.
Public enumerationExpeditionLength
The length of an Expedition
Public enumerationExpeditionState
The status of an Expedition
Public enumerationFactionRelationship
An enum describing the relationship with different factions.
Public enumerationFactionType
An enum describing faction types.
Public enumerationGameStatus
Public enumerationIOContext
IO contexts to be used with IO.
Public enumerationItemTag
Public enumerationItemType
Item types
Public enumerationJobResult
AI Job results
Public enumerationMapArchetype
Public enumerationTraitEffect
The overall net effect of a Trait
Public enumerationWeaponDamageType
Type of damage inflicted when hit with a weapon
Public enumerationWeaponType
Public enumerationZoneType
Zone types/purposes