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Events Enumeration

Events the game can fire. Only used for documentation purposes.

Namespace:  Mannequin.Bindings
Assembly:  Collapse (in Collapse.exe) Version: (
public enum Events
  Member nameValueDescription
Tick0 Tick(Int64 gameTimeTicks)

Fires for every game tick.

Status1 GameStatus(GameStatus gameStatus)

Fired when the game's status changes.

Menu2 Menu()

Fired when the game reaches the menu. Equivalent to GameStatus([!:GameStatus.Menu]).

Game3 Game()

Fired when the game starts. Equivalent to GameStatus(Game).

AgentDamage4 AgentDamage(Agent attacker, Agent victim, int damage, WeaponDamageType dmgType)

Fired when an Agent is damaged. Return false to cancel (cause 0 damage).

LivingAttacked5 LivingAttacked(Agent attacker, Living victim, int damage, WeaponDamageType dmgType)

Fired when a Living is attacked.

Caution note Caution
This is different than AgentDamage; Livings have extra effects added when they are attacked.

Return false to cancel (cancel the attack's effect and cause zero damage).

AgentDeath6 AgentDeath(AgentDeathInformation information)

Fired when an Agent dies.

Caution note Caution
If you need to keep this information for some reason, save it immediately. There's a chance it may get garbage-collected when both Agents die. It is not carried across saves.
GameOver7 GameOver()

Fired when the game ends. Return false to cancel (cancel the game over sequence).

ContentReady8 ContentReady()

Fired it is OK to start loading content using the Content methods.

SoundManagerReady9 SoundManagerReady()

Fired when the sound manager is ready. Sounds loaded using the Content methods before this event is fired are loaded now.

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