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ItemType Enumeration

Item types

Namespace:  Mannequin.Bindings
Assembly:  Collapse (in Collapse.exe) Version: (
public enum ItemType
  Member nameValueDescription
Weapon0 Equippable, drawable weapons. data/items/weapons
Armor1 Equippable armor. data/items/armor
Headgear2 Equippable armor that belongs in the "helmet" slot. data/items/armor
Ammo3 Ammunition. data/items/ammo
Medical4 Medical items. data/items/consumables
Consumable5 Consumable items. data/items/consumables
Food6 Edible items. data/items/consumables
FoodIngredients7 Ingredients for making Food. data/items/materials
Crops8 Growable seeds. data/items/seeds
Material9 Materials that can be crafted. data/items/materials
Clutter10 Map items. data/clutter
Valuable11 Valuable items.
Other12 Items that do not fit into another category.
Tech13 Researched technology. data/items/tech
Drink14 Drinkable items. data/items/consumables
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