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Living Class

Living, moving agents (i.e. survivors, bandits, zombies, trade jeeps...)
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Mannequin.Bindings
Assembly:  Collapse (in Collapse.exe) Version: (
public class Living : Agent

The Living type exposes the following members.

Public methodLiving
Create a mobile, living agent.
Public propertyAI
This Living's current AI
Public propertyCurrentAnimation
This Living's current AnimationType
Public propertyCurrentTile
Get the Tile this Agent is standing on.
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyFaction
Get or set this Agent's Faction.
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyGridPosition
The Agent's position on the Grid.
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyHealth
The health (hit points) this Agent has
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyIsBullet
Is this a Bullet?
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyIsClutter
Is this Clutter?
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyIsLiving
Is this a living object (Living)?
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyMaxHealth
The maximum health (hit points) this Agent can have
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyName
The name of this Agent
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyPosition
The Point where this Agent lies
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyTraits
The Trait this Living has
Public propertyVisible
Whether this Agent is visible or not.
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodAddTrait
Add a Trait to this Living
Public methodCode exampleDamage
Have attacker "damage" this Agent. Note that this will fire AgentDamage.
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodGetEquippedWeapon
Get this Living's currently-equipped Weapon.
Public methodKill
Kill this Agent, removing it from its respective Scene. Note that this will fire the AgentDeath.
(Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodReloadWeapon
Tell this Agent to reload the Weapon they are holding.
Public methodReloadWeapon(Weapon)
Tell this Agent to reload a Weapon they are holding.
Public methodRemoveTrait
Remove a Trait from this Living
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