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Weapon Class

Equippable, drawable Item.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Mannequin.Bindings
Assembly:  Collapse (in Collapse.exe) Version: (
public class Weapon : Equippable

The Weapon type exposes the following members.

Public methodWeapon
Create a new Weapon based on an existing game asset (see data/items/weapons)
Public propertyAdditionalBulletsPerShot
The number of additional bullets to shoot per shot
Public propertyAdditionalBulletsSpread
The spread of the additional bullets defined in AdditionalBulletsPerShot
Public propertyAvailableOnStartMenu
Whether this item is selectable from the starty menu or not
(Inherited from Item.)
Public propertyBaseDamage
This weapon's base damage amount
Public propertyBreaksDownTo
What this equipment breaks down to. Must be a Material
(Inherited from Equippable.)
Public propertyBulletSpeed
The speed of bullets fired from this Weapon
Public propertyBulletSprite
The sprite of bullets fired from this
Public propertyCanDrop
Whether this item can be dropped or not
(Inherited from Item.)
Public propertyCriticalChance
The chance of getting a critical hit
Public propertyDamageVariance
Public propertyDescription
The item's descripton
(Inherited from Item.)
Public propertyFileName (Inherited from Item.)
Public propertyHasBulletTrail
Whether this weapon's bullets have a trail or not
Public propertyHitSFX
The Sound to play when this Weapon hits
Public propertyIdealAmmoCountToCarry
The amount of ammo each Survivor will attempt to pick up
Public propertyInventoryTexture
The item's inventory texture.
(Inherited from Item.)
Public propertyIsCloned
Whether this item is a clone or not
(Inherited from Item.)
Public propertyIsStackable
Whether this item can be stacked or not
(Inherited from Item.)
Public propertyMagazineSize
The size of a magazine
Public propertyMaxRange
This weapon's maximum range
Public propertyMaxRangeAccuracy
This weapon's accuracy at maximum range
Public propertyMinRange
This weapon's minimum range
Public propertyMinRangeAccuracy
This weapon's accuracy at minimum range
Public propertyName
The item's name.
(Inherited from Item.)
Public propertyRateOfFire
This weapon's fire rate
Public propertyReloadSFX
The Sound to play when this Weapon is reloading
Public propertyReloadTime
The time it takes to reload this Weapon
Public propertyShootSFX
The Sound to play when this Weapon is fired.
Public propertySplashDamageLossFromDistance
Splash damage reduction. The target tile will receive the base damage, and then tiles around the target tile will receive the base damage - (SplashDamageLossFromDistance * number of tiles away)
Public propertySplashDamageRange
The range splash damage has (i.e. with RPGs)
Public propertyType
The item's ItemType.
(Inherited from Item.)
Public propertyVisible
Whether this equipment is visible or not.
(Inherited from Equippable.)
Public propertyWeaponType
This weapon's type.
Public propertyWornTexture
The Texture that is shown when this item is equipped
(Inherited from Equippable.)
Public methodAddAllowedSlot
Add a slot that this Equipment is allowed to be put in
(Inherited from Equippable.)
Public methodAddTag
Add a tag to this item
(Inherited from Item.)
Public methodAddToGame
Add this item to the game.
Note Note
The item must be cloned first (if you're adding a new item to the game, you should clone it first anyway)
(Inherited from Item.)
Public methodClone
Clone this item, allowing you to save modifications as a new Item.
(Inherited from Item.)
Public methodCombine
Clones this Weapon and combines its stats with another.
Public methodHasTag
Whether this item has a tag.
(Inherited from Item.)
Public methodIsAllowedSlot
Whether Equipment is allowed to be put in a specific slot
(Inherited from Equippable.)
Public methodIsReadyToFire
Whether the Agent carrying this Weapon can be fire the Weapon or not.
Public methodReload
Tell an Agent holding this Weapon to reload it.
Public methodRemoveAllowedSlot
Remove a slot that this Equipment is allowed to be put in
(Inherited from Equippable.)
Public methodRemoveTag
Remove a tag from this item
(Inherited from Item.)
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